The Marketer's Email Conversion Course

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What's in the course?

Stop blasting your customers with the same emails.

Our 14 day email marketing course will teach you the things you need to focus on to send one-to-one emails to your customers. Better yet it’ll show you how to optimize them as well.

Seven Emails over 14 days that deliver you tips and tricks you can implement to directly impact your email conversions.

Risk free as you can opt-out at any time - we won’t send you any emails you don’t want to receive!

Includes practical examples from real online businesses, including Vero customers, that are just like you!

 Everything you need to know to improve

your email conversions

No two customers are the same

Nor do they act the same on your site you shouldn't send them the same email content!

About the author

Chris Hexton is a co-founder of Vero, software that makes it easy for online businesses to track what their customers do and send emails that actually drive conversions. He's a sought after blogger and marketer and lives and breathes email!

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